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Arthroscopic Surgery General

General rehabilitation guidelines for patients recovering from arthroscopic surgery of the ankle.

Note: this is a general guide, specific rehabilitation guidelines will be provided by your surgeon.


Foot must be elevated for 3 days
Crutches to be used for a week
Partial weight bearing after one week
Patient shoulde be walking again after 2-3 weeks
Patient will be able to drive after 10 days

Full Recovery

Full recovery should be achieved at around 12 weeks. Swelling of the foot will go down at around 8 weeks.


(ongoing gait re-ed)
1. NWB Ankle dissociation exercises. Click here for video
2. Cycle/rowing ergo.
3. Double small knee bend.
4. Heel Raises. Click here for video (knees in flexion and extension; two legs progressing to single leg)
5. Lunges. Click here for video
6. Weight transference
7. Balance/Proprioception
8. Cross Trainer
9. Single small knee bend.
10. Return to running (video gait analysis)

Click here for more videos of rehab exercises