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Full Ankle Examination

Video Transcription

0:00 Having inspected the ankle joint, it is important to proceed with palpation. Palpate posterolaterally around the lateral gutter, extending the palpation through the anterior aspect of the ankle and then medially and posteromedially. To test the range of movement, stabilize the talist, in order to assess the subtalar movement. Assess inversion an eversion of the foot and rotational movement. To complete the examination, assess the rest of the foot including the soul.
0:40 With ankle examination, examine the patient when standing, assessing the arches, and posterially the alignment of the heal. Ask the patient to stand on tip toe, and again assess the arches. And examine from behind to assess the overall heal alignment and response to standing on tip toe.
1:08 To complete the examination, it is very important assess the gate.

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